Hepa Filters

Hepa filters are made by pleating filter paper whose raw material is micro glass fiber. The pleats are fixed with the Hot Melt method or by placing an Aluminum separator between them. Non-standard dimensions can be made and frame materials can be determined in line with the request of the users.

• Hepa Filter with E10 Aluminum Separator

• H13-H14 Hepa Filter

• H13 High Flow Hepa Filter

• H14 Laminar Flow Hepa Filter



Bag Filters

In order to increase the filter surface area, the number of pockets and pocket depth can be produced in different sizes depending on the mounting location. They are produced from special polyester synthetic material to achieve low differential pressure and high dust holding capacity. The bags are sealed to the galvanized frame without the use of adhesives.

• G3-G4 Bag Filter

• F6 Bag Filter

• F7 Bag Filter

• F9 Bag Filter

• M6-F7-F9 Rigid Bag Filter

• F7-F9 4W Rigid Bag Filter


Compact Filter

It is used as a final filter in ventilation systems by keeping a wide variety of particles in the air in environments requiring high air quality or to increase the service life of hepa-ulpa filters. The wide filter surface allows low pressure loss at high air flow.

Cassette Filters

They are produced from special polyester synthetic material, by increasing the surface area, to obtain low differential pressure and high dust holding capacity. They are the pre-filters used especially in air handling units to filter the coarse particles in the first stage and to increase the life of the precision filters placed after them.

• G2 Metal Filter

• G3 Cardboard Cassette Filter

• G3 Cassette Filter

• G4 Cassette Filter

• M6-F7-F9 Mini-Pleat Rigid Cassette Filter





Water Filters

Types of water purification filters not only purify water, but also bring the pH value of the water to 7.5-8.5, making it more drinkable. In addition, water purification filters add substances that are beneficial to the human body, such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, and contribute to a higher quality of water in terms of content.

Fancoil Filters


It is used as a pre-filter in fancoil units and ventilation systems. It is manufactured from polyurethane washable material and synthetic fiber filter material. It can be manufactured to the desired size.

Activated Carbon Filter

It can be used as odor trap filter raw material and as a second or third stage odor trap filter after pre-filtration.

• Activated Carbon Pellet and Coconut Filter Material

• Activated Carbon Fiber, Cassette Filter

• Activated Carbon Rigid Bag Filter

• Activated Carbon Filled Cassette Filter

• Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter