About Us


NAF- Nano Air Filter; was established to bring our more than 15 years of experience in the sector to a wider audience. Starting with the principle of providing cleaner air to our stakeholders, we offer solution partnerships in clean rooms, hospitals, offices, laboratories, food sector, power plants, HVAC systems, many industrial and living areas with our products at international standards. In addition to our filtration solutions; We also operate with our field exploration, technical service, consultancy (certification, grant and incentive, medical device) and testing services.


Our Mission:


To maximize the power and awareness of our company in the sector by offering our products and services to our business partners at the highest quality.


Our Vision:


Constantly improves its products and services in line with meeting customer requests, expectations and needs. In this direction, to continue our way for many years with the trust we give by keeping the satisfaction of our existing or potential business partners at the highest level and to become the pioneer of the sector.