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For a healyt breath...


 The leading polluting factors in the atmosphere are particles, microorganisms, harmful gases and cause pollution of the inhaled air. The rapid increase in population has brought about industrialization and distorted urbanization, and people have started to spend more time in closed environments. Gases, dusts and microbes that affect the air quality in indoor environments increase in cases of inadequate ventilation, inappropriate temperature and humidity, creating risky situations and causing a number of serious health problems such as headaches, respiratory tract disorders, blurred vision, fatigue, allergic disorders, infectious diseases, poisonings, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, cancer in humans. With the use of filters, particles that can be found in the air such as dusts, fumes, gases, vapors, bacteria, viruses are eliminated by filtering from the air. For this reason, the use of high-efficiency filters determined according to the ambient characteristics increases the indoor air quality and offers healthy living spaces.