Discovery and Project Planning Services

Site Reconnaissance: Examining the customer's existing filtration systems, evaluating their performance and identifying deficiencies. Additionally, identifying potential areas for new filtration solutions in line with needs and specific requirements.

Data Collection and Analysis: Detailed analysis of the data obtained during field exploration. Determining factors such as flow rate and pressure and evaluating how these data affect filtering needs.

Project Design of Filtering Systems: Determining and projecting the most suitable filtering systems according to the needs of the customer and the characteristics of the area. Planning the selection, placement, installation and commissioning of filtering equipment.

Cost and Efficiency Analysis: Analyzing the projected filtering systems to ensure the balance between their costs, efficiency and performance. Providing the most economical and effective filtering solution to the customer.

Project Implementation and Inspection: Managing the project design and installation process of filtering systems, performing inspections during implementation and ensuring quality control. Managing the delivery and commissioning of the completed project to the customer.

Filter Maintenance Service

Filter maintenance service includes periodic checking, cleaning or replacing air filters when necessary in order to improve the air quality in indoor and outdoor spaces. This service is of great importance, especially in devices that provide air circulation, such as air conditioning and ventilation systems. Regular maintenance of filters ensures that systems operate more efficiently, reduces energy consumption and extends the life of devices.

The maintenance process varies depending on the filter type and the features of the system used. This service may also include cleaning, repair or full replacement depending on the condition of the filter.

Filter Change Service

Filter replacement service includes the periodic checking, cleaning or replacement of air filters used in areas such as air conditioning systems and ventilation systems.

Filter replacement service is usually done at certain periods or according to the condition of the filters.

Testing and Analysis Services

Testing and analysis service covers the processes performed to evaluate the performance, durability and efficiency of filters. These services are necessary to understand how filters work under various conditions and whether they comply with certain standards or requirements.

Testing and analysis services; It includes various tests such as particle size distribution analysis, flow rate test, pressure drop test, efficiency test, performance analysis under high temperature and high pressure, microbial measurement. In addition, analysis of the chemical and physical properties of filter materials and determination of contamination and clogging tendencies of filters are also among these services.