Food production must be carried out by adhering to certain standards in order to protect the health of consumers. Pollutants emerging during food and beverage production processes cause product losses, high costs and also pose a great risk for human health. Therefore, in order to prevent possible risks, air quality should be monitored with the most sensitive measurements and factors that may cause any contamination should be avoided.

As NAF FILTER, we offer filtration and projecting solutions at every step of the production, storage, logistics, sales and retail chain in the food industry.


It has become one of the preferred criteria for hotels to have quality standards such as "Safe Tourism Certificate", especially for vacation and travel purposes. In order to increase indoor air quality in hotels, filters to be used in ventilation and air conditioning systems must have high performance.

As NAF Filter, we ensure that domestic and foreign tourists have a safe and healthy holiday with our filtration solutions we offer in the tourism sector. In the tourism sector, there are active areas of use in areas such as hotels, museums, transfer vehicles.



Determining the number of air changes and choosing the appropriate filter system in many areas such as clinics and laboratories, especially in the operating room and intensive care units, are very important in terms of patient and health evaluations.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries where precision filtration is most important. Especially during the production of liquid products such as syrup, the microbial load should be minimized.

With its products that make sensitive products up to 0.30 Micron Cell, NAF Filter offers the most suitable solutions to meet the need for clean air and all needs in the Health and Pharmaceutical sector.


Many people today spend most of their time indoors. Since the central air conditioning systems in communal living spaces circulate the air by circulation method, the particles transferred to the ambient air by movements such as sneezing, coughing and breathing spread in the air, increasing the risk of transmission to humans through the respiratory tract. Therefore, it is important to support communal living spaces with clean air and to clean indoor air polluted by human breath with hygienically correct methods from a health point of.

Healthy clean air and energy savings are achieved thanks to the correct design with NAF Filter products in air conditioning systems used to create suitable weather conditions for the indoor environment.

Food Sector

​- Production

- Storage

- Logistics

- Sales and retail

Tourism Sector

- Hotels

- Museums

- Transfer vehicles



- Hospitals

- Laboratories

- Clinics

- Pharmaceutical production and storage facilities


- Public buildings

- Commercial Buildings (Business centers..)

- Educational Institutions (Nurseries, schools.)

- Shopping malls

- Gyms

- Beauty Centers

Public Transport

- Bus

- Minibus

- Train

- Subway

- Aeroplane

Cultural Activity Areas

- Cinema

- Theatre

- Show Centers