Spun and pleated cartridge filters are two different types used in liquid filtration and have different features. Spun cartridge filters are coated with a fine filter material made of materials such as polypropylene, polyester or cotton. This filter material ensures a clean flow by retaining solid particles in the liquid. Pleated cartridge filters, on the other hand, are designed using multiple layers of filter material to retain solid particles. In this way, it provides higher efficiency and long-lasting filtration. Both types of cartridge filters are used in industrial applications, domestic water purification systems, the food and beverage industry, chemical processes, and many other areas. These filters, which are available in different sizes and filtration features, offer an effective solution for cleaning liquids and improving their quality.


It is suitable for 10”, 20”, 30” and 40” standard sizes and different connection structures. Precise filtration values ​​starting from 0.2 microns
We have cartridge filters in 0.2-0.45-1-3-5-10-25-50-100 and other desired micron values.